Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Magical, Mystery Tour

These are the sorts of collectible elements that drive me crazy with design lust. If I could I would swoop down and buy just about everything in these photos and use each and every item to outfit the huge library that lives in my imagination. Anything leftover I'd use in every other room in the mythical house of my dreams. In reality I do collect these sorts of things but on a much, much smaller scale. (Don't have the room for the larger stuff or I'd probably run amok.)

The use of color here resembles some of my own color choices. Hence, I felt an instant kinship with these gorgeous accessories from Design Legacy, an exhibitor at the New York International Gift Fair at the Jacob Javits Center. The show ended today and I must thank the Habitually Chic blog for posting these photos, all by designer/blogger/photographer Heather Clawson. I actually gasped when I came across them, lost my breath. I love everything in these exhibits. Check out the rest of the photos on Heather's blog.

Now this is my idea of magical, wonderful, gorgeous, over-the-top, colorful stuff that can make a house, a studio, an office, a special place. Special to me and my tastes, I mean. I know it's not for everyone, but it is certainly for me. These are the kinds of things I would want to have around me all the time. That way I couldn't help but feel a little like Alice in Wonderland everytime I entered the house. I could live with that.

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