Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Decoupage. Have you ever tried it? Just about anything can be transformed with a bit of paper, glue and your imagination. I love Durwin Rice's book - he's the expert of experts when it comes to the art of decoupage. I've owned an older copy of his book for years. Even if I don't actually glue anything down, I like looking at the beautiful designs and wonderful detailed work Rice does. You can also get his tutorials or attend his classes if you're in the neighborhood.

Designer Jonathan Fong has taken decoupage to heart, especially in his Andy Warhol kitchen.
I could see doing the same thing on any old kitchen cabinets that have seen better days. Not necessarily with Warhol, but with any pattern or image that strikes your fancy. Check out Jonathan's decoupaged chairs - how beautiful are they? This is something I think I'm going to try.
I've been saving old paperback Agatha Christie covers for years, thinking that at some point I'd use them in some sort of decoupage project. Maybe a chair? Or a small table or bookcase??


  1. Gread idea to use covers in decoupage. It'a a pitty,I haven't such books.))

  2. Hi Oksana, thanks for posting. I think you could use any paperback covers you might have. The most important thing is that you like them.


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