Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Salon: A Favorite Painting or Two.....or Three!

Portrait of Miss Dora Wheeler.

Portrait of Alice Gerson, Mrs. William Merritt Chase.

Portrait of Louis Betts.

Portrait of the painter James McNeill Whistler.

Mrs. Meigs at the Piano Organ

The Young Orphan At Her Ease

Portrait of Elizabeth Betsy Fisher.

Portrait of Kate Freeman Clark.

Portrait of A Lady.

William Merritt Chase (1849 - 1916), the American Impressionist was born and raised in Indiana. He showed an early interest in art, studied locally as best he could, and later had the opportunity to travel and study in Europe at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and elsewhere.

Heavily influenced by what he'd learned in Europe, Chase returned to this country a full-fledged Impressionist.. He married Alice Gerson in 1886 and between them raised eight children. Chase gained fame not only for his artwork and teaching ability but also for his flamboyance in dress and mode of living.

The Studio On 10th Street.

In the Studio

He moved into Alfred Bierstadt's old studio at the famed 10th Street Building (home to artists then and later) and set up a salon to suit his flamboyant taste. According to Wikipedia, Chase "filled the studio with lavish furniture, decorative objects, stuffed birds, oriental carpets and exotic musical instruments."

William Merritt Chase. Self-portrait.

Chase was fond of teaching and at the urging of a patron, opened the Shinnecock Hills Summer School on eastern Long Island in 1891. In 1896, he opened the Chase School of Art in NY which later became the renowned Parsons School of Design.

To learn about William Merritt Chase and his work in much more detail, please use this link.


  1. My Saturday is much better thanks to you.

  2. Thank you so much, C.W. :) You're so kind to say that.

    Unfortunately don't know how much longer I'll be able to continue these painting posts as google is no longer allowing the linking of photos or, at least, it's not making it any easier for techno-phobes like me.

    Unless I can figure out what's going on, I may have to stop my Salons.

  3. I love the "Mrs. Meigs at the Piano Organ" painting. It's not easy to paint someone sitting with his or her back to you. I am assuming Mrs. Meigs "posed" for this painting that's so perfect.

    Yvette, I haven't had trouble linking photos on my blog. How do you mean?

  4. Well, when I click (on the google images page) to enlarge the image of a particular painting and isolate it to link to my blog, it goes to another search engine, something I've never heard of before. That search engine takes me to a website where the painting might or might NOT be on display but I can't link it. It happened today for the first time with almost every painting I tried to link. Luckily, I had some paintings stored in a file - so I used those.

  5. I'm assuming you don't enlarge it, save it on your desktop as an image file, and only then link it to your blog. It's possible Google isn't permitting direct linking of images from its Image page. I haven't tried that before.

  6. That's what I meant, Prashant. I enlarge it and save it to my picture file THEN post it. At least that's my preferred method. Occasionally I will just link to the pix. But now I'm not allowed to do either.

    This is really a problem. I'll have to wait until my daughter can figure out what's gone wrong.

  7. Oh, Yvette, I wish I could help but I am ever so technically challenged myself. I hope you and Skye can overcome this glitch, because I am addicted to your visually delightful Saturday postings. My weekend is not complete without them. Keeping my fingers crossed!


  8. Google, I believe, is grappling with copyright issues and that might have something to do with it.

  9. I love the Saturday Salon. The link at the bottom does not work this week, but if I realy want to know more about the artist - you do such a good job telling about him - I will Google him.
    I really hope you can continue, maybe a file on Pinterest that we can follow? Dee

  10. I hope you can continue your Saturday Salons, Yvette. Your choice of artists is always interesting, and I always learn something new. Good luck!

  11. mjoy, I hope so too. I have a feeling that google is undergoing some sort of overhaul and maybe in a few days it will all clear up. If not, then Skye and I will have to see what's what. If this is the new normal, I still have some tricks up my sleeve. Hopefully I'll be able to continue my art salons. I love doing them.

  12. But why are they picking only on me? Shouldn't everyone be having the same issues? Anyway, we'll see what happens. I have lots of artists in my files, I can pull them up from there for the next few Saturday Salons.

    I'm not too worried about it. Maybe I should be. :)

  13. Dee, the link works now. I just forgot to make it operational. Sorry about that.

  14. Thanks, Mark. I'll keep chugging right along as long as I have fuel. :)

  15. Dee: Meant to add that I do have several art-related boards on Pinterest. Artwork I Adore. Painted Women. Men In Paint. Illustration I Love. Vintage Illustration, that sort of thing.
    I only use my first name on the account.

  16. I love the fact that you expose me to artists that I may be familiar with, but only on the periphery of who they are as artists. I've seen some of his work before, but seeing the amount of works that you put together gives me a broader idea of what the artist is all about.

  17. Thank you Ryan, I love that fact as well. :) I do enjoy featuring artists that I love and sharing their gorgeous work and if you find something worthwhile in my Saturday Salons, then we're both having a good day.

    These posts are a lot of fun or me. I hope I'll be able to continue them.


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