Friday, November 25, 2011

Basic Black Friday

In 'honor' of Black Friday, the annual ritual shopping frenzy which seems to afflict many otherwise rational Americans, here's my own Basic Black list.

Black train, black super-duper auto glistening with chrome.

Dapper evening black by J.C. Leyendecker

Black that strikes fear in the hearts of men.

Rolling Stones Black.

Boris and Bela black.

Black cat black.

Oreo black.

Car 54 black.

Blacker than black, black.

Richard Boone gunslinger black.

Quote the raven black.

Tulip black.

Black Lagoon  black.

Chocolate black.

Ralph Lauren black.

Licorice black.

Charlie Chaplin black.

Black Stallion black.

Madame X black by John Singer Sargent.

Adventures of the Black Orchid black.

Scottie black.

Black leather Brando black.

Black Narcissus black.

Audrey Hepburn black.

Nero Wolfe black.

Pug black.

Little black book black.

Film Noir black.

Camera black.

Butterfly black.

Telephone black.

India ink black.

Zorro black.

Silhouettes black.

Coffee black.


  1. That's very nice.

    I especially like the chocolate cake.

  2. Black Orchids -- just read that a couple of weeks ago. I've been reading Nero Wolfe in order and am up to 1946 (The Silent Speaker). Wonderful stuff.

    Great post, by the way.

  3. C.W. Yup, I'm all about style. Ha! Hadda' do something for Black Friday. Especially after listening to my brother railing against the whole day of shopping turned into a holiday of sorts. :)

  4. Kathy; Why am I not surprised? :)

  5. M.M. Ah, another convert. I'm so glad you're enjoying the Nero Wolfe books.

  6. Yvette,

    "Film noir black" Fabulous--do you know what film it is from?

  7. Actually, I don't, Fred. I think it's a shot of Union Station, though. The one in Chicago. Not sure if it was from a film or not. But it looked like it should have been. :)

  8. Fine Black Friday list. I have never come across DC's "Adventure Black Orchid". I would like to see "Black Narcissus" too. How about Black Beauty to give Black Stallion some company? And Black Sabbath, the heavy metal band?

  9. Ooooh, good ones, Prashant. I didn't even think of those. Well, at least I included The Rolling Stones 'Paint It Black'. :)

  10. Yvette,

    Yes, it looks as though it should have come from a film. The two men in uniform, police officers?, standing in the "spotlight" appear to be posed there.

    Of course, a photographer could have just found them standing there.

    But, it is a classic film noir scene.

  11. Haha, great collection :)

    Hard to say which ones are best, but now you reminded me that I really need a mug of coffee.

  12. Thanks, Dorte. Yeah, coffee. Basic black. :)

  13. Fred: It may be from a film. You're right, it sure looks like it. A great, atmospheric photo.

  14. Although I love chocolate cake -- and with coffee or tea, but I don't always have a one-track mind.

    The cat and Scotties are cute. Audrey Hepburn and Madame X look great.

    Richard Boone, as Paladin, was my favorite Western character while he was on TV.

  15. Yvette, I love the iconic black images you included in your pictorial, from playful Oreos to soignee Audrey Hepburn to Nero Wolfe's Black Orchids to that marvelous film noir-ish image of policemen in what seems to be Grand Central Terminal! Great choice of pictures, my friend!

  16. Kathy: Me too, on Paladin. I LOVED that show! Watched it every week. Now Netflix has it on streaming...! I'm wondering if I'll still like it. Oh, surely, I will.

    In life there are times when nothing but chocolate will do. :)

  17. Thanks Dorian, glad you enjoyed my not-so-little selection. :)

    Sometimes it's hard to know when to stop. Ha!

    But I love 'theme' posts.

    I was going to do 'spider black' but then thought of your sensibilities (or was it Becky?)
    so I limited myself to that cute little spider on the india ink box. :)

  18. Yvette, Becky is the one among our merry crew who is terrified of spiders. I'm not crazy about having spiders in my home, either, but since there are also good spiders that get rid of evil spiders (surely you've seen them with their little black or white hats on to differentiate them :-)), I do my best to trap spiders and set them free outdoors unless I truly have no choice but to squish the critters. But the cute cartoon spider on the India ink box is welcome at Team Bartilucci H.Q. anytime! :-)

  19. Ah, I knew it was one of us. :) Thanks for clearing it up, Dorian. I'm the same as you when it comes to little spiders crawing about the place. I usually leave them alone or try to get them outside. (But jeez, they can be stubborn.)I know they eat insects, so they serve a purpose.

  20. What a clever post for Black Friday, Yvette! Richard Boone in his gunslinger black made my heart go pitter-pat. I loved him when I was a kid in Have Gun, Will Travel, and I still do!

    And yes, it's me who goes in mortal fear of spiders. I hate those creepy little icky things! I know they serve a purpose and all that, but I prefer that they stay outside and do it!! LOL!

  21. Becky: Did you know that Netflix has HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL on streaming? Yup.

    I loved that show!

    Another spider story: I was sitting in the car going to my brother's for Thanksgiving when I realized we'd picked up a hitchhiker. A spider was making its way across my left side window. I left it alone. It left me alone. :)

  22. Yvette, I know it is very unenvironmental of me, but I would have screamed, rolled down the window to squash the beastie, scared the driver with my scream enough to make him lose control and probably have caused a major pile-up of innocent drivers. Fear knows no bounds!

  23. HA! Actually, we passed two accidents on the road - I'm wondering if either of them were spider related. :)

  24. Babysitting in my teen years: Paladin and Gunsmoke kept me company. There was nothing else to watch!

    Raid the refrigerator and watch Westerns, my motto.

  25. Zorro!! Sigh I had such a crush on him when I was little. Did you know the Misson of San Juan Capistrano was his hide out?

  26. Kathy: I agree. Those old westerns were wonderful - they captured my imagination as very little on tv does these days.

  27. Pat: Did you find a hidden mask or any other Zorro accoutrement on your visit? :)


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