Friday, November 19, 2010

Red Riding Hood - Oh No, They Didn't!

Normally - well, as normal as it gets around these parts - I wouldn't bother with a post of something I didn't like, i.e. film or book or other 'artistic' pursuit. I mean, why bother? But this time out, I just have to post this film trailer. TELL ME IT IS NOT AS AWFUL AS IT SEEMS! My eyes! My eyes! Yes, I'm yelling. I'm ranting. Sorry if I burned your ears. It's just that I'm simply astonished that bankers still keep putting up money to make this kind of - what's the genteel version for crap? - crap-eroo.

I have a better name for this affront to my eyes: TWILIGHT MEETS WOLF BOY. Wait, didn't they already make that? Then how about: TWILIGHT IN THE HOOD. Or WOLF IN THE HOOD. (That's probably more apt.) Why am I harping on TWILIGHT? This is the same director, folks. BIG surprise. But I don't have to tell you that, really. Look at the trailer and tell me otherwise. GAK! (That's me coughing up a hair ball.) Just from the trailer alone we can all easily figure out the gist of this little movie-o-la and well, really, there's just no necessity to see it. No necessity to subject ourselves to endless vistas of red hoods twirling and swirling in the snow. No need to expose ourselves to a possible overdose of s-e-n-s-i-t-i-v-i-t-y.

I much prefer, and I hope you will concur, the inimitable Tex Avery's version. Now THIS is my kind of Red Riding Hood. Don't give up after the first few minutes, keep watching, keep watching, wait for it...wait for it...


  1. Guess you didn't like it , HUH????

  2. You think? HA! Did you watch the youtube link?

  3. I think it looks slightly better than twilight. :D

    Or maybe the wolf sparkles... I guess we won't know till it comes out.

  4. Stephanie Ann, we can only hope. :)


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