Saturday, November 13, 2010

Amazing Art Mystery

The word 'amazing' really does fit this story - it is no hyperbole. An apartment in Paris left untouched and unlived in for 70 years - the rent paid every month. When the apartment was finally entered, treasure was discovered amid layers of dust. Among other things, a painting that sold at auction for over 2 million euros. Surely there's a novel here somewhere. At the very least a mystery. A movie? Read about the discovery here.

What do you suppose could have kept the original owner of the apartment away for 70 years? Why was the painting, attributed to Giovanni Boldini, kept entombed in dust for that length of time?


  1. This IS an amazing story Yvette! So curious as to why that apartment was left untouched for so many years. Perhaps the owner became an agoraphobic and could no longer travel to visit it?

    PS: Eataly does have a small Rizzoli cookbook store inside. Sometimes reading a good cookbook is as good as reading a novel :)

  2. I heard about this story sort of in the periphery but never got into the details. I'll be heading over to read more about it now....but that painting is gorgeous. There is a touch of the supernatural to it for me.

  3. Pat: Sometimes the word 'amazing' is over-used, but not in this instance. It's so odd the rent continuned to be paid. My first thought was Miss Haversham - I think that's the name - from Dickens. I think maybe some big secret was being kept. Maybe something to do with illness or a baby or the war (or maybe something as simple as the memory of a broken heart?). It's too mysterious. That's why I think someone should write a novel or screenplay or whatever.

  4. Ryan: I just happened upon the story. It is a definite mystery. I'd never heard of the painter, Boldini, before except in a very vague way. I'm pretty sure the painting I posted is the one found in the apartment. Wouldn't it be great to have a contest - have all the contestants write a short story about this event - think of the fun - and the winner would win....what? Maybe get a publisher to donate a book on Boldini? Anyone out there have any connections?

  5. Pat: I am so intrigued by your blog post on Eataly. WOW, what a place. A definite destination spot.
    I love reading cookbooks!!


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