Thursday, August 16, 2012

Foreign Film Poster Thursday

The smart Danish poster for DARK PASSAGE starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. 


  1. I like the graphic quality of this poster. I wonder, Yvette, do you have some movie posters on your walls?

  2. I thought I had missed seeing a Bogart movie and then I read that this is a Danish poster...whew! :)

    PS: Can you consider taking off the word verification on your blog, Yvette? My eyes are not what they used to be and it has taken three tries to get this message through so

  3. Hello Yvette:
    The graphics of this film poster are wonderful and convey so well the drama to be unfolded.

  4. This poster is very interesting. It's kind of eerie, implying this is a espionage movie.

    I want to say Ditto on the word verificatiion.

    I've been having trouble with it ever since it started. Sometimes I do it 5 times, sometimes I just give up.

    For instance, right now I can't read the number.

    Those of us of a certain age find it almost impossible.

  5. Actually I don't, Mark. I have posters - museum repos of some of my favorite paintings - that sort of thing. I do have one Paul Davis theater poster which I love.

    I've simply run out of walls to hang things on. :)

    I also hang 3D objects like game boards and such.

  6. I did take it off for awhile, Pat and got spammed good and proper. But just for you, I'll do it.

    Give me a few moments to finish up here. :)

  7. I agree, Jane and Lance. Very dramatic and bleak. Though the film does have a happy ending - not the usual thing in noir. :)

  8. I have trouble with it too on other blogs, Kathy. I'll just have to deal with the spam. It's not that big a deal.

  9. Thank you very much for dealing with the hieroglyphics jumble.

    I definitely know I need new glasses as I can't read these things at any blog. It's like a reading test every time I encounter one.

  10. You're welcome, Kathy. :) To read most blogs and whatnot I have to up the size of the type now - especially since so many blogs use such tiny typeface.

  11. Hi Yvette. Love that picture of Rocky. He is a handsome dog. Tell him. He will be pleased :)

  12. Dave, I tell Rocky he's a stunner all the time. It just rolls of his back. But secretly, he does love to preen. :)


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