Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Salon: Pastels and Watercolors by Felicity House

Preparing Broad Beans
Glasshouse Tomatoes

Apples for a Pie

Courtyard Udai Bilas Palace

At St. Malo

Two English Plums (this may be mis-titled)

Aubergine and Lilies

Lemon Curd

Early Broad Beans

Morning Garden

Almuna Terrace

Barbotine Antiquities

Marmelade Making

Table Set for Lunch

Woodland Fungi

The China Egg

British contemporary painter Felicity House is one of my favorite artists. I love the soft quality of her work even when she's using bright color. I also love her very free hand. Her paintings and drawings have an elegant spontaneity which I find beguiling.

I'm mad about pastels and/or watercolor work, deceptively 'easy' mediums which are, in reality, extremely difficult to master. (There is nothing quite so wrong as a bad watercolor.)

But House's talent coupled with her charming view of life just captivates me.

To learn more about Felicity House and her wonderful work, please use this link. An interesting interview with the artist here.

I apologize for the fact that some of these paintings don't enlarge much, but I've posted the largest copies I could find.

All works of art in this post are copyrighted by Felicity House.


  1. Some wonderful pictures, here, Yvette. This is an artist I wasn't familiar with - her use of light (especially on the view along the terrace) is wonderful!

    Thank you for sharing! :-)

  2. What a talented artist! I am particularly beguiled by the pieces that use orange to make things 'pop'. The best example of these here, I think, is "Two English Plums" - maybe a reference to whatever is in the jars on the shelf? maybe, as you point out, a mis-labeling.

    Thanks again for this series!

  3. Yvette, lovely! Thanks for introducing me to her!

  4. Dear Yvette - I agree with you that pastels is a very difficult medium, and I have a lot of respect for those who can do it well! Working in reverse isn't easy, but I have found success beginning paintings by establishing mid-range colors first.

  5. I love Felicity House, Sue. I'm glad I was able to introduce her work to you. Yes, her use of light is enchanting.

  6. You're welcome, Debbie. House uses colors well, I think. Love the 'spontaneous' nature of it all.

  7. You're welcome, Peggy. I love to share favorite artists.

  8. I also love those oil crayons which seem impossible to control, Mark. I work in watercolor using Dr. Martin's liquid colors. I've never really spent a great deal of time with pastel. Too intimidating. :)

  9. I love these paintings. Never heard of Felicity House before, but I will look at the links to her works.

    She even makes beans and apples look beautiful.

    A friend likes Nell Blaine's and Jane Friedlich's water colors. Some of these remind me of theirs.

  10. Kathy I'm not familiar with Nell Blaine's work. I'll have to check.

    I'm glad you liked Felicity House. I love her stuff.


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