Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Like the Uniforms

The idealized world of Ralph Lauren cricket.

My idea of cricket.

Really, is there any doubt that cricket trumps baseball when it comes to uniforms? Since Prashant mentioned cricket in his comments - well, you know how I am, one thing leads to another and here we are. 


  1. Katie-Bar-The-Door and I attended a cricket match once -- it lasted two days.


  2. Hello Yvette:
    Ah, cricket on the village green and tea and scones in the tea tent afterwards. Could there be a more English scene?

    However, when it is lashing with rain and it seems to be taking an eternity for anyone to score let alone be bowled out, then one yearns for Ralph Lauren's version of it all. Complete with ties.....all very Great Gatsby....now, there's a film!

  3. Monsieur Monkey: I wouldn't mind if they served tea and goodies throughout. Ha!

  4. Jane and Lance, you are so right. Those Ralph Lauren players do look very Gatsby-esque.

    You lost me on the 'bowled' out. Is that like a strike out in baseball?

  5. Yvette, cricketers usually wear whites during a five-day test match, the original and pure version of the game. I'm sure they would love to walk out in Ralph Lauren apparel. In two other forms of cricket, the 50-over match (known as a one-day international which has been around for over three decades) and the relatively new 20-over match (known as T20), the cricket-playing nations are identified by the colourful attire of their cricketers—black for New Zealanders, yellow for Australians, blue for Indians, green for South Africans and so on. The 50- & 20-over matches were invented largely as a marketing ploy and to keep interest alive in the game. And it has succeeded phenomenally, though purists like me will always turn to the five-day test match.

  6. Thanks for clearing that up, Prashant. When I saw all the brightly colored uniforms on line I got confused. But I love the white ones so the five-day test match is my choice as well. :)


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