Friday, October 26, 2012

Foreign Film Poster Friday

Son of Frankenstein in French. Now this I would pay money to see. 

The poster below is, I believe for the first film in the series, just plain: Frankenstein. I'm posting it because of its wonderful design. Don't know the language. But I see Stockholm at the very bottom. So, Swedish? I thought the Swedes spoke French. Or am I mixing them up with the Swiss? Probably. Someone correct me.


  1. The second poster is in Swedish (the Swedes speak Swedish, a germanic language, the Swiss speak German, French, and Italian, depending on the zone), it reads: "Frankenstein, the man who created a human being".

  2. Hi, Yvette - As one with Swiss grandparents, I can speak about their language with some authority. The Swiss actually speak four languages - German, French, Italian and Romansh, depending upon which canton (state) they come from. Because of this, all Swiss are multilingual. The first three languages are the official languages of the federation, and Romansh is officially recognized by the canton of Graubünden, where it is spoken. Though Romansh is spoken by less than one percent of the Swiss population, it's noteworthy because it is indeed close to what the ancient rural Romans spoke. So it's not entirely true to call Latin a "dead language!"

    And that is indeed a great poster!

  3. Thanks, Caroline! I knew I'd soon be set straight. :)

  4. Thanks to you as well, Mark.

    I wish we were multi-lingual in this country in the same way.

    Actually, it amazes me that we're not.

    I speak English and Spanish and consider it perfectly normal.

  5. LOL! Of course with all the talk of FrakenSTORM coming to the NE this post made me smile!

    Stay safe!

    PS: Glad you enjoyed seeing Rhinebeck on my blog. The Duchess County Fair grounds are located there and I'm sure they still do craft and art fairs/exhibits, etc. The sheep and wool fair was going on when we were there but the parking lots were packed and we didn't stop.

  6. I loved that place, Pat. Ah, memories. We had good times there. Once upon a time you could even bring your dog and we did.

    I loved your post on Rhinebeck. :)

    Yeah, that scene in the orig. Frankenstein was always hard to watch. Also the scene with the blind violinist. Or was that in BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN?

    Well, either/or. They were touching scenes that really made you see the 'monster' in a different way.

  7. I'm not a fan of these movies except Mel Brooks' Frankenstein, and I loved Elsa Lancaster as the bride.

    However, I really like that poster. It's artistically quite good, in my humble opinion.

  8. If you like the poster then you can join our club anyway, Kathy. :)


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