Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Oscar isn't the only award being handed out this week...

I'm running a little late on my acceptance and thankful acknowledgement of an award I received a few days ago from Lucy Nation over at her wonderful blog, TALES FROM THE FARAWAY TREE.

I'm thrilled when someone recognizes the work that goes into framing and forming the almost daily posting that goes one around here. Lately, I know, I've been dragging a bit behind in keeping things brisk, but I've decided that posting on a daily basis might not be ideal for me.

Dare I say it? It's just plain hard work trying to come up with something interesting, entertaining and enlightening day after day - and believe me that's what I've always tried to do.

So when Lucy - out of the blue - rewards my efforts with an award, I am as thankful as can be.

Versatile - exactly what I try my damndest to be.

Thank you, Lucy.

Now I'm supposed to post 7 random things about myself that you might not be aware of....Hmmm, this might take a little bit of time. 7 Things...7 things.....7 things.......!

Ernie Bushmiller

1) I've worn my hair cut very short since my early twenties - eons ago. As much as I'd have liked to have had long hair now and again, my hair refuses to cooperate. It grows out instead of down. I have enough hair on my head for several people so unless I want to look like Nancy, I must keep it cut very short.

2) We didn't have television at home until I was around 10 years old - and at that, we were only the second family on our block to have one. It was an Admiral (made in America) and it was nearly indestructible. It lasted many years. The first show I ever saw on TV was 'Rootie-Kazootie'.

3) I had a crush on Hercule Poirot when I first began reading Agatha Christie books back in my teens. Yes, it's true. To this day I adore the man. My only excuse is that I was always a big admirer of brain-power. I also loved his French...uh, Belgian, accent.

Of course, that was the Poirot of the books. Once I saw David Suchet's portrayal, I realized yet again that Poirot was the man of my dreams.

4) I am a Gemini. Which should explain things you may have wondered about.

5) At last it can be told: While I don't own a Gemini hat,  I actually own a Deerstalker. You know, Sherlock Holmes and all that. I bought it in England, years ago.

Holmes is my second Big Crush, after Poirot.

6) If ever I should win the lottery, I'll be moving in across the street from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

7) I still love picture books and a nice little collection. Why should kids have all the fun?


I was supposed to name some new bloggers I thought worthy of receiving the Versatile Blogger Award, but after thinking about it, I've decided maybe it's better if I don't risk hurting anyone's feelings.(I've feeling chicken-hearted these days.) So I'm doing away with this part of my award duties.

Again, thank you Lucy, for thinking of me and most of all, for liking my blog.


  1. Yvette,

    Congratulations on the award.

    Yes, "versatile" is very apt for your wide-ranging blog.

  2. I agree with Fred.
    And imagine it can sometimes be daunting to each day be interesting and informative with your postings.
    But you make it work.
    And though I don't read every day, I've never been bored when I do.

  3. You certainly are versatile, Yvette! I'm always blown away by the things you share here - sometimes I have to leave reading your blog until I can sit down with a cup of tea to fully enjoy the experience!

    I'm also pleased to see you have declined to pass on the award to others - sometimes it is better to receive than to give! You have accepted it graciously and that should be noted! Everyone who knows you, understands that your visits to their blogs are reward enough - I know I'm always grateful when you drop in! I'd rather have a cup of tea with you - alas, given our geographical status, it will have to remain a 'virtual' cuppa. Cheers! ;-)

  4. It's so nice to find out more about the person behind the name and the blog. I'm with you on Poirot and Sherlock Holmes crushes. Particularly Jeremy Brett's portrayl of Holmes as its so true to the written version! You're certainly of the most frequent bloggers that I follow so I'm not surprised you find it challenging at times. Look forward to more to come :) x

  5. Thank you, Fred. I do love being appreciated. :)

  6. You're very sweet, Andy. Thank you for the kind words. I do my best around here and really do appreciate it when someone notices. :)

  7. Sue: I'm so glad that you understand my hesitation in handing out awards. I've really thought it over and think this is the best way for me.

    I'm ready to share that virtual cuppa at any time. And who knows, maybe one of these days I'll make a return to England. I might win the lottery!

    My visit to England will come before I move in across the street from the museum. :)

  8. Thanks again, Lucy, for thinking of me. I have fun trying to find 7 random things about myself that might have ANY interest to the outside world. Ha!

    I'm just not that interesting. At least, not anymore. I used to be....

    P.S. I kind of like Stephen Fry too.

    Jeremy Brett as Holmes - be still my beating heart. He was pretty special.

  9. I love The Library and even wrote about it!:

  10. It's a great book, Nan. :)

    I will definitely be checking out your post.

  11. Congrats on the honor, Yvette!
    From one Gemini to another ......

  12. Congratulations on this award. You are most deserving of it -- and "Versatile" must be your middle name.

    I was trying to describe this blog to a friend and mentioned the lovely artwork on the website; the Saturday salon educational posts with works by various articles posted (many new to me); reviews of books old and new; movie reviews,including hilarious ones of classic movies; poetry, maxims, book recommendations on books of all types; tributes to authors, artists, aports figures and others; accolades to sports figures and teams (Giants, Jackie Robinson), dog show and rescue news, and more. Plus very interesting bloggers' comments and responses.

    A real treat to come to each day with one's cup of tea.

    Thanks for the blog and what it gives its readers daily.

  13. Congratulations, Yvette! I'm impressed by the number as well as the quality of posts you publish. Now tell us the truth — there's a huge staff working for you, right?

  14. Well deserved, Yvette. It is a lot of work to post each day, especially the sort of visually interesting and detailed posts that you do, but I (and lots of other people,apparently) love dropping by every day.

  15. iluvcinema: Thanks! :)

    Skye: Thanks, kiddo. :)

  16. Kathy, you're a dear. Thank you so much for the kind words. Believe me they are very much appreciated.

    We're all in this together, I think.

    Now I'll have to work twice as hard. :)

  17. How did you guess, Mark? Of course I have a large staff that does all my bidding. HA!

    I get all the praise, they do all the work. One of these days they may mutiny so I must keep a close eye on them. I am a harsh taskmaster. :)

  18. Thanks so much, Carol. I am so pleased by this response. :)

    I'm trying, though, to cut back a little to posting every other day -as best I can.

    Been feeling a bit fatigued for the past few weeks, so I'm trying to take it a little easier.

    For now, anyway.

  19. Congratulations, Yvette! A much deserved award (those of us with blogs recognize how much time, work and heart goes into making "in so many words" the great blog that it is).

    Reading your list, I realize we have quite a few things in common (though not our hair), in fact, I'm watching a Poirot episode ("The ABC Murders") as I write...and am anticipating my next birthday in late May.

  20. This is an adorable post, Yvette,and you are definitely the most interesting and versatile blogger I know! It is always a pleasure to visit your blog and learn something new. I am in awe of all the things your remember --you really are like an encyclopedia of fascinating facts.

    I enjoyed learning more about you --we could be sisters! I'm also a Gemini, I LOVED Nancy comic books as a child (and have hair like, I collect children's books, I love Hercule and Holmes, and wow, what a dream it would be to live across the street from the Met!!

    I feel posting once a day can lead to blog burnout, so please don't feel compelled to blog ... keep it enjoyable!

  21. Congratulations, Yvette, on a well-deserved award. Your posts are always interesting and your blog is a visual delight!

    I've always wondered how you find the time to read so much and also put so much time and work into your blog and your other endeavors. We loyal followers appreciate your work.

  22. Wanted to chime in that I first saw TV when I was 6, at a neighbor's in Greenwich Village. The two programs I remember were with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and the other was Hopalong Cassidy. And then came The Lone Ranger.

    I loved Roy, Dale and Trigger and somewhere have saved a photo of the three of them, with an autograph for me.

    It's great to see your TV story.

  23. Geminis unite! Ha! My granddaughter too is a Gemini, as was my mother. :)

    Thanks, Eve. You're very fortunate not to have my hair. HA!

    We may have to fight over Hercule. :)

  24. Pat - hmmmm, maybe we were separated at birth. You sure you don't have some Puerto Rican blood mixed in with the Italian?? :)

    This is turning into a real Gemini corner. :)

    I knew there was a true reason why we liked each other. All I can say about my memory at this point is - if I don't write it down or outline it, it disappears. :)

    In a way I think it is really a very problematic thing to be so interested in so many things.

    But I persevere. :)

  25. Thank you, Joan. The truth is that it's becoming harder and harder to do everything I'd like to do and keep the blog up to my own standards. I know that sounds sniffy, but I hope you know what I mean.

    I'm going to steer away from blogging every single day - resting a bit until the juices start flowing once again.

    I really don't read as much as some other bloggers do. Honest.

  26. Kathy, I found an old Rootie Kazootie button at a flea market years ago and I still have it. Love it to pieces.

    I loved Roy and Dale too. :)

  27. Congrats on the award. You are one of the most deserving of this particulair one. :-)

  28. Brett was a very masterly Holmes. The Granada series with Jeremy Brett is one of the best adaptations of Sherlock Holmes ever.

    Have you read the book "Bending the Willow: Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes" by David Stuart Davies. This book is a must read for fans of the Granada adaptation and/or Jeremy Brett.



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