Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Favorite Painting or Two.....or Three!

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with some of their dogs, painted by Edwin Landseer.

By Edwin Landseer - this is the type of dog that is known today as the Landseer Newfoundland.

One of Landseer's more famous paintings, that of Eos, a greyhound bitch.

The  Old Shepherd's Chief Mourner by Landseer

Hector, Nero, Dash and the parrot, Lory - pets of Queen Victoria, by Edwin Landseer.

By Edwin Landseer

By Edwin Landseer

By George Stubbs

Norfolk Water Spaniel by George Stubbs

Mrs. French's White Lapdog by George Stubbs

Spaniel by George Stubbs

Elkhound by George Stubbs

Terrier by Herbert Dicksee

Westhampton White and a Scottish Terrier by Herbert Dicksee

By Herbert Dicksee

By Herbert Dicksee

By Herbert Dicksee

In honor of Classic Film & TV Cafe's DOGATHON which begins tomorrow, I'm concentrating today on the dog in art because DOGATHON (Rick's brilliant idea) will feature posts about films with dogs in prominent parts. So it all fits in nicely.

I'll be talking about the film, BABE, tomorrow - don't forget to tune in when you have a moment. The DOGATHON will run from the 19th until the 22nd.

The work of three artists is featured on today's post: Landseer, Stubbs and Dicksee.

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (1802 - 1873) is known for his many dog paintings, but, according to Wikipedia, he is remembered best for the sculptures of the lions in Trafalgar Square, London. He also has a breed of dog named after him, the Landseer.

To learn more about Edwin Landseer, please use this link.

George Stubbs (1724 - 1806) was a 'sporting' artist best remembered today for his paintings of horses, but he also created some fine paintings of dogs. His work had only recently been re-discovered in recent years, having gone, I suppose, out of fashion. But I've always thought he was deserving of much greater credit.

To learn more about George Stubbs, please use this link.

Herbert Dicksee (1862 - 1942) was born into a well known family of artists. His first cousin was the famed painter, Frank Dicksee. Country Life Magazine wrote of Herbert Dicksee's art: It is certainly debatable whether even Landseer, whose dogs were mostly painted in the somnolent and sentimental moments, would have excelled Mr. Dicksee's insight, which is as notable as his skill with an etcher's needle.

To learn more about Herbert Dicksee, please use this link.

A book to consider.

Another book to consider. I have the framed poster of this cover hanging above my workspace.

The famed William Secord Gallery in Manhattan. An art gallery that specializes in the dog in art.


  1. This my sound corny, but I'm a sucker for paintings of dogs. It makes my heart melt when I see them.

  2. Where are the dogs playing poker??

  3. Yvette, Deb is right: we need paintings of Queen Victoria's dogs playing poker! :-) All kidding aside, what a marvelous kickoff to the Classic Film and TV Dogathon! We'd have dogs ourselves if our family wasn't allergic, but at least we can enjoy them vicariously through the beautiful, touching paintings you've displayed here for us!

  4. Ryan, I'll be corny with you. :) I love a good dog painting.

  5. Dorian: I thought it would be appropriate to get the festivities started with a few of my favorite dog paintings. :)

    Glad you enjoyed them.

    Well, you know, there are dogs that don't shed....HINT!

  6. Wonderful paintings! It's always nice to see how much people loved their pets down through the centuries..the paintings are proof!
    Happy Dogathoning!
    xo J~

  7. Very lovely paintings. I have not seen many paintings of dogs in my life, so these are new to me.

    They're also appropriate right after the national dog show. I was disappointed that a Pekinese won, given that I don't even concede they are dogs.

    I was rooting for many, but in the last round for the wire-haired Dachshund. Cinders wagged her tail throughout the segment, whether being picked up or put down, walking, running, etc.

    That's the Dachshund's personality. I'm partial; I'm the aunt of my neighbor's dog. She is always wagging her tail and happy to see me -- unless she's in a sound sleep, which happens more and more now. But when she awakens, she's happy.

    I guess everyone has taste in dogs, not only in books, art, music, movies, etc.

    I like most of them, but not dogs who don't even look like dogs. That's my two euros for the day.

    Like the paintings.

  8. I didn't realize that Stubbs had painted so many dogs. I was familiar with his wonderful horse paintings.

    The Dicksee with the Irish Wolfhound caught my eye and melted my heart. We've lived with three Irish Wolfhounds (not all at once, although a friend has had up to eight!). They're wonderful, sweet, gentle dogs and traffic stoppers, too, but because of their size, not for everyone. Oddly, most of the people who stopped me here in Philadelphia with our last Wolfhound wanted to know if she was a poodle! Can you see that?

  9. How I love these paintings! I'm fond of the Landseer Newf. I like those colors.

  10. 24 Corners, you are absolutely right. I never thought of it that way. These paintings ARE the proof. :)

  11. Kathy: I have to admit that I totally overlooked Westminster this year. What is wrong with me? I never forget to stay tuned. Oh well, I would have been unhappy with a 'peke' as the eventual winnter, myself. I mean, they're cute and all...BUT! Well, at least last year we had the Scottish Deerhound - one of my very favorite dogs - win the Best In Show.

  12. Joan: There's no accounting for people's intelligence or lack thereof. :)

    Wolfhounds and Deerhounds are wonderful. Similar types in looks and duties, but I think the Wolfhound is a bit larger and more lumbering.

    My last dog was a half Scottish Deerhound and half Shepherd mix, showing mostly her Deerhound self. She was a sweetly wonderful dog. I miss her every single day.

    I now live with a pugnacious chihuahua - SO DIFFERENT, from my late Beemer. But they're all dogs, all descendants from wolves under the skin. Hard to believe, though. :)

  13. Nan, I've only ever seen one Landseer Newfoundland in my life. It was spectacular. Newfies are wonderful baby sitters. :)

  14. I had no idea that there was a gallery specializing in dog paintings! Sounds like a fun place to work.

  15. Oh yes, this is a pretty famous one. As you'll note, Secord has written books on dog painting as well. I would love to visit his gallery myself...

    Wouldn't mind working there either. :)


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