Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tuesday Forgotten (or Overlooked) Film: KRAKATOA KATIE starring Mighty Mouse

Two days late and you know how that goes. But since today is the official anniversary of the most gigantic, earth shattering (practically) natural eruption ever: Krakatau aka Krakatao volcano in 1883, what film could possibly be more appropriate? MIGHTY MOUSE IN KRAKATOA, released in 1945 and directed by Connie Rasinski for Terry Toons.

The History channel has all the info on Mother Nature's most volatile eruption. A volcanic event which was felt around the world. In fact, it would surprise me if we weren't all still breathing Krakatau dust.


  1. Thanks for the reminder and entry, Yvette...but your fingers played a trick on you when you typed the post's subject line, and you have That Other Mouse's name up (Mortimer, I think his enemies call him).

  2. Just changed it!! OH MY GOODNESS, blank, blank, blank am I ! Ha. Thanks, Todd. Yeah, Yvette, as wonderful as Mickey undoubtedly was, nobody ever saw him fly. Duh.

  3. Yvette, I'd never heard or read about this volcano. Thanks for spotlighting it. There must be a good geological reason why there are so many volcanoes in Indonesia.

  4. I'm surprised you never heard of it, Prashant. It was really a cataclysmic event felt right around the world. But then we weren't alive then. :)


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