Thursday, September 19, 2013

International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Artwork for CAPTAIN BLOOD by N.C. Wyeth

Best. Pirate. Book. Ever

Second. Best. Pirate Book. Ever.

Best. Pirate. Movie. Ever. (This is the French poster, I think.)

Best. Pirate. Hero. Ever. Errol Flynn. Swoon.

Best. Pirate. Villain. Ever. Basil Rathbone.

Second Best. Pirate. Villain. Ever. Captain Hook, of course.

Funniest. Pirate. Book. Ever. Well, one of them anyway.

And a pix of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow - just because.

As I always like to say: what's a day without a good snarl! Aaaargh!


  1. And I read 'Pirate Girl' by Cornelia Funke, to the children today.

  2. Johnny Depp and Errol Flynn! Really!

    Those two actors in pirate costumes! Not unlike Hugh Jackson on horseback! Only more dramatic!

  3. Fabulous - though I think I would want to make room for Cary Elwes from PRINCESS BRIDE and maybe Tyrone Power from THE BLACK SWAN too

  4. Yvette, those Rafael Sabatini covers are really good. I could kick myself for not reading any of his book so far.

    1. I love his books - well, at least those I've read. Coming up next: SCARAMOUCHE. Available free online.


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