Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Salon: A Favorite Painting or Two.....or Three! Fathers in Paint.

By the wonderful Tibor Gergely

'The Waiting Room' by William E. Rochfort

'Father and Son' by Brian Hible

By Marjorie Torrey

'Father and Son' by James Ormsbee Chapin

'Learning the Ropes' by Julie Hill

Illustration for Saturday Evening Post 1918 Cover by K.R. Wireman

'Traveling with Dad' by Steven Hanks

'Place de la Concorde' by Edgar Degas

By Amos Sewell

By Helen Oxenbury for 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt"

' Aeneas Flight From Troy' by Federico Barocci - 1596
Aeneas, Trojan hero, fled the burning city of Troy carrying his father and leading his son.

Since Father's Day is tomorrow, I'm focusing on artwork featuring fathers and their children. Various artists, various techniques and disciplines, a mixture of fine art and illustration.

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there.


  1. Great father-son artworks, Yvette! No favourites this time — every one of them is a beaut. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed them. There are some daughters too, Prashant. Mustn't overlook us females. :)

  3. I loved all the images. What a wonderful variety.

  4. Very nice pictures.

    As an aside, I spent this day reading Kitty Cornered, by Bob Tarte. Another wonderful book, with Tarte's self-deprecating humor and love of his cats.

  5. Yvette - A great and diverse collection of dads & their kids for Fathers' Day

  6. Thanks for including the links, Yvette — I was not familiar with the work of William O'Connor and enjoyed spending time in his gallery!

  7. Glad you enjoyed them, Ryan. I had a lot of fun compiling them.

  8. Kathy: That's on my list for this summer. I'm so happy you're liking Bob's books.

  9. Thanks, Eve. Actually it's not that easy to find paintings or illustrations of dads and kids. There are many more of moms and kids.

  10. Mark, I wasn't familiar either until I found this particular painting. Very intriguing stuff.

  11. Thanks. Well, I'm contributing to Bob's sales, having bought two of EBD and inspired a friend to do so.
    More sales may be coming, depending on how far and wide I can share the book.

    My thinking goes: If I share the book, so many people will love it, they'll have to buy it for themselves and as gifts.

  12. Good for you, Kathy. Bob should definitely be better known. Anything we can do to bring him publicity is worth doing. He is a wonderful writer and a very good person. He and his wife.


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