Saturday, June 2, 2012


Desi Arnaz playing the conga drum.

Remember last year when I posted about the kid upstairs and his saxophone? Well, he must have realized his 'talent' for the sax was limited - he sounded like a wailing moose - and soon abandoned it. (Perhaps at the request of his family.) All was quiet for awhile.

Well, no more.

The kid has now become a drum enthusiast. Worse yet, it sounds like some sort of conga drum. I thought at first he was jumping up and down on the floor - maybe venting his teenage spleen. But then I heard vague music in the background and thought, aha! he's dancing, poor fellow. This went on for a few days until my patience finally ran out. Yesterday during dinner, the ceiling kept shaking with what I assumed again to be someone jumping up and down - maybe some new sort of jungle dance. Who knows what kids are up to these days?

Anyway, I went and rang the doorbell and after a few minutes, the kid comes sauntering down.

I said, "Could you please stop whatever it is you're doing up there until I finish my dinner?"

He looked confused.

I said, "That racket. What is it?"

He looks up the stairs then back at me as though thinking 'what racket?'

Again I said, "Whatever that racket is, please let me finish dinner."

He finally got it. "Oh, that's a drum."

'Ah, ' I said. 'Well, could you stop it until later? Please?"

He looked very annoyed that I should call his attempts at music, 'racket'. But hey, it is what it is.

He nodded and off he went.

Thankfully, I was able to finish my dinner in peace.

He's at it again tonight, but at least he waited until after dinner.


  1. As you say, Yvette, at least The Little Drummer Boy actually had the courtesy to stop his Gene Krupa routine long enough for you to have your dinner in peace. Having lived in apartments for many years, I can relate. On the positive side, if the kid DOES become a drum virtuoso, at least you'll have a funny anecdote to say about him on BIOGRAPHY or the like! :-)

  2. Could have been worse, I suppose. Nothing like a tympanist getting inspired at 2 AM...

  3. I'm so sorry. That's why I like living on the top floor of my building.

  4. Hmmm...I wonder if Ricky Ricardo ever practiced his bongo in the apartment. (Maybe the Mertzes were downstairs?) ;-)

  5. Dorian, I rent half a house, so it's only me and them. Most of the time it's fine, but lately...!

    Yeah, I can say I knew him when he was only knocking out my eardrums. :)

  6. There's always the opportunity to be worst, Les. I try not to think about it. :)

  7. Ah, I'll live, Ryan. As Les says: it could be worse.

    But I'm still hoping he loses interest soon.

  8. Debbie, yes Fred and Ethel lived downstairs. Remember the episode when Lucy and Ricky were trying to get themselves evicted by making as much noise as they possibly could?

    Too funny.

  9. When I had two babies, the kid next door played the drums. I cannot tell you how horrible it was to have my kids awakened at nap and bed time. Then they moved and people with aggressive dogs took their place.

  10. Oh you poor dear! Our first house as a young family with a newborn and a 1 year old, the neighbors took up the drums. Not one but two - mom and dad. Everywhere we went in our house, kitchen, bathroom, nursery there was this boom, ba boom, boom, ba boom noise - around the clock! We put up the for sale sign. It was that unbearable. They were the neighbors from hell anyway. Very loud voices and loud kids and loud music. We wouldn't have lasted long with or without the drums. I think this kid will give his drums up before long. Hang in there. Belle

  11. We had a drumming enthusiast in the neighborhood for a good long time. I thought it was bad enough that he lived several doors down and practiced in his garage...with the doors wide open. I can't imagine if he'd bee living above us.

    I do hope your bongo drummer gives up quickly!

  12. This must be so annoying, Yvette. My house is semi attached on one wall, and I hear all sorts of things from the family next door. Extra loud music has kept me awake on occasion as well as verbal fights between parents and teenage children.

    I hope your drum playing neighbor will tire of the drums soon! Do you have a good pair of ear plugs?

  13. Yvette, play it by the ear. I'm sure the budding drummer will soon give up, hopefully not for something worse than a drum. Till then you could trying blasting loud music every time he plays his drums.

  14. Oh goodness, Patti. How awful. That's much much worse than what's happening here. I'm thinking the kid will eventually tire and all will be well. THey're not people (thankfully).

  15. Belle, your dreadful story puts mine in perspective. You have my retroactive sympathy. Wow.

    Mine are not the neighbors from hell, thank goodness. I think it's just a teenager trying to find his niche in life. :)

    He'll tire of it eventually, I'm sure.

  16. Me too, Bev. I'm sure he will. He gave up the sax after a very short while.

    If worst comes to worst, I'll talk to the landlord who is an understanding sort.

  17. Pat, ear plugs! Now why didn't I think of that? :)

    Or maybe cotton wool? :)

    I'm thinking things will soon be back to normal. He's bound to get tired.

  18. Prashant, that is EXACTLY what I began doing! :)
    I have the DVD of the soundtrack from Pirates of the Caribbean, the first one. It is good and loud in and of itself, but when I turn it up, it's a doozy. Ha!

  19. Number one on a very long list of why I prefer to live in a detached house with lots of space between us and our neighbors.

    When I was single and living in an apartment (Reagan administration--first term), I lived above someone who thought his apartment was a good place for his garage band to rehearse--at all hours of the day and night. Repeated attempts to get the landlady to do something fell on deaf ears. Finally, he was evicted for non-payment of rent. I worked an early shift and had to be up at 5:00 AM; sometimes the band would be playing until 3:00! Even now, 30 years on, I still feel sressed just writing about it. How glad I am to live where I live now.

  20. Oh Deb, I feel for you. What an awful memory. I have lived in a detached house and really enjoyed the silence. I miss it.

    But, I like my place now, it's in an old Victorian with nice woodwork and molding and all. I have a large kitchen and a wonderful pantry. So it's a trade-off I suppose.


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