Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bob Tarte Revisited

Since Kathy is SO enthusiastic about my Bob Tarte recommendation, I thought it would be a good time to remind everyone about Bob's often hilarious, often touching and altogether enchanting books.

Bob Tarte chronicles the life he and his wife lead with their battalion of quirky animals, all of whom have their own various personalities (well, maybe except for the turkeys) and eccentricities, not to mention, being possessed of very demanding natures. Thankfully, Bob and his wife are the most gentle and accepting of human beings.

Bob, too, is a wonderfully talented writer and photographer.

ENSLAVED BY DUCKS was my introduction to the wacky world of Bob and Linda and their feathered, furried minions. I've got his other two books lined up.


  1. Thanks, Yvette.

    This is great. Bob and Linda Tarte deserve all the recognition and thanks for taking such good care of their menagerie. They do it in such a kind and caring way, sacrificing their time, effort and funds to do so. They go the distance with every pet, be it rabbit, parrot or turkey(!)

    These books are for everyone who loves animals and good humor. (And reading the books may well be a reminder to support your local animal shelter.)

    I didn't know about Kitty Cornered, and the library doesn't have it, so it'll be purchased and shared.

    Thanks again.

  2. You're welcome, Kathy. I have Bob on my Facebook friends page and he really is a nice guy.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying his work.

  3. I'm talking up Enslaved by Ducks and other people I know are buying it at Amazon.

    I think when a few friends read it, they'll rush out and get Fowl Weather.

    However, the first one is one to own and refer to in times when humor is needed. So I will end up with a copy.

  4. Good for you, Kathy. I'm so happy I as able to introduce you to a fabulous book that you will keep and cherish. That's what reading is all about. (And for that matter, reviewing.)

  5. Well, you've certainly peaked my curiosity! I'm wondering whether the ducks are indoor pets and whether they can be house-trained. I certainly hope so! My family once had a one-legged pigeon as a pet (it's a long story), and we named him Walter.

  6. And I"m hoping to create more animal lovers out there, certainly aficionados of fowl. Who knew of the personalities of ducks, geese, turkeys? Parrots, we assume, are their own unique birds, who can talk. (Gosh, has anyone with a parrot ever thought they better not say much in front of their bird, lest it end up in divorce proceedings or worse?)

    I love the scene at night when Bob is waking up birds by opening corn chips bag, and Howard hoots, waking up Stanley who rings her bell, then waking up Dusty who squawks, "Stanley, be quiet." You gotta love that.

    So I"ll be getting reviews from friends. Let us knew when you read the other two books.

  7. Mark, maybe Walter should be the hero of his own book. :)

    Bob Tarte's world is definitely worth a literary visit.

  8. Definitely will, Kathy. I like that you've chosen to share your Bob Tarte enthusiasm with your friends. Word of mouth is a great way to spread the joy of books.

  9. Thanks everyone for the very nice comments on my books. I really appreciate them. (Hi, Yvette!)

  10. Hi Bob! Thanks for dropping by and thanks for all the good work you and Linda do. Kathy's right.


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