Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Salon: A Favorite Painting or Two....or Three!

Lady By A Window - source

Early Morning Sunshine - At the Window, Giverny   - source

Interior - 1918  source

Dormitory Breakfast - source

Early Morning - source

Sunlight - source

Mademoiselle Gaby - source

Sunspots - Arranging Flowers - source

Louis Ritman - From Chicago to Giverny by Richard H. Love

Louis Ritman (1889 - 1963) was born in Russia, but he and his family emigrated to the United States when he was a child. He grew up in Chicago and worked as a sign painter to help support his family. Ritman began his art training with lessons at Hull House and later attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts.

After be began receiving commissions at home in Chicago, Ritman went to Paris in 1909 for further training. In 1910, he made his first visit to the colony of impressionist painters in Giverny, France - an event which would influence his work for the rest of his life. 

Louis Ritman - Self Portrait - source

The use of light in Ritman's paintings could easily be termed 'exquisite' and I think I'll do just that.  I like the quiet stillness and sense that we're witnessing private moments. Even in the portrait of Mademoiselle Gaby, you can see she's appears sunk in her own thoughts, almost unaware of the painter.

To learn more about the American painter Louis Ritman, please use this link.

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  1. Of all of them I think I enjoy the self portrait a bit more. I like the darker tones and shadows a bit more than the lightness of the others.

  2. *borrowing a line from a Zac Brown Band song, sings about the impression these Louis Ritmans are making*

    "She's got whatever it is
    It blows me away!"

    Even though I'm usually a smitch off key (<--warbling or otherwise), I've decided to respond to all my Saturday blog stops via Country & Western tunes, beginning with you!

  3. My favorite is the painting of sunspots. It takes a lot of talent to put a pattern of sunlight over a figure and pull it off successfully. Beautiful!

  4. I agree with Ryan: the self-portrait is a clear winner for me which doesn't take anything away from the "brilliance" of the other paintings. Ritman looks pretty formal — I have never seen a painter sporting a tie before, at least not while dabbling in his art.

  5. Ryan, but how can you ignore his wonderful use of light and the gorgeous way he mixes patterns? So relaxing.

    But I like his self-portrait too, of course. :)

  6. Sparkle, you are Such. A. Hoot. Ha!
    We love singing around here - off-key or otherwise. As I type I'm singing the Chock Full of Nuts Coffee song. I thought it particularly appropriate. HA!

  7. You are so right, Mark. It is an amazing painting. I do love the first one though and also the portrait of Mademoiselle Gaby. I meant to mention in the post how wonderfully Ritmann mixes pattersna and colors.

  8. Prashant: Is there a uniform for painters? Ha! But I do agree that it's doubtful he wore a shirt and tie while painting...Although you never know, maybe it was a quirk of his.

    Ah, painters. Who can figure them?

  9. I did enjoy seeing the beautiful use of light and color in this selection of paintings by Louis Ritman, Yvette.

    Hope all the rian we've been getting didn't cause any problems in your area!

  10. Well, kind of, Pat. My bathroom ceiling was leaking. Haven't told the landlord yet. I don't have the heart.

    But these old houses...there's always something going wrong.

    I like Ritman's work, most especially I think, his use of pattern.

    At any rate, we needed the rain.

    Hope all is well by you - water-wise and otherwise. :)


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