Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Worst Film Casting Upset of This or Any Other Year.

Atlas sculpture at Rockefeller Center by Lee Lawrie.

This is kind of how I view Jack Reacher in the series of books by Lee Child. 


Okay, so we're dishing about Vince Vaughn playing Jim Rockford and have decided that maybe it's not the best idea in the world. Though I initially didn't think it was actually THAT awful I've decided to revise my thinking.

But this latest casting 'coup d'etat' is nothing compared to what I consider to be the worst casting decision in the history of mankind: Tom Cruise to play Jack Reacher in ONE SHOT from the book of the same name by Lee Child.

HUH??!!! Please someone explain to me in what universe this makes the teensiest, weensiest iota of sense?!

Jack Reacher is a muscular, 6'5" ex-Army M.P., a man whose mere size serves to intimidate. (Plus he has a buzz cut and his hair on close inspection is sort of blondish.)

Tom Cruise is the antithesis of Reacher. He is, shall we say, on the diminutive side. (I'm being kind.) Just how does this guy intimidate anyone? What, are they going to have him standing on a box for the whole movie?

With apologies to Arnold Stang, this is how I see Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher.

Truth be told, I'd rather see Vince Vaughn as Reacher.


  1. Yvette, you just made that up to give us a giggle. Didn't you? Tell me ... tell me you're kidding. Ahhhh!

    Reacher needs to be someone along the lines of the late Leo Gordon. Someone whose very presence causes the enemy to think twice.

    Geez, what a day!

  2. Tom Cruise at least has made decent movies-despite his crazy scientology. Vance is horrible in almost anything and nasty. Hate that even more.

  3. I wish I'd made it up, C.W.!! But I'm afraid it's all too true. The casting gods are frowning and spitting lightning as we speak. Ha!

    This is one movie I will never see. All I can hope is that all Reacher Creatures boycott the damn thing and it sinks before it gets any traction.

    Next time around they'll think twice. God forbid it should become a franchise. Yegads!!!

  4. Patti, if you're a regular Reacher reader, this casting is like rippiing out our souls.

    Well, maybe I exaggerate...


  5. Yvette: I guess casting for the Reacher movie will be looking for midgets to be the bad guys.

  6. This is a doozy of a casting choice all right.

    The studio making this film was probably counting the box office income Cruise would bring in.

    The worst casting choice in the history of humanity? I don't know. There have been some bad ones.

    For instance, Angelina Jolie cast to play Kay Scarpetta, the coroner in Patricia Cornwall's series.

    This is definitely all about box office.

  7. If Jack Reacher is 6'5", how can Tom Cruise who is 5'7" play him? Wonder how Lee Child feels about it. But then Tobey Maguire looked nothing like Peter Parker from the comics either. I was thinking of someone like Eric Bana as Reacher. About Vince Vaughn, I'll go with Patti — I don't mind watching his films so long as I'm offered a million bucks. Ditto for Adam Sandler...double it, will you?!

  8. Bill, my thought - exactly. It might be worth going to see the thing just to throw popcorn at the screen.

    But even that wouldn't tempt me.

  9. You said it, Kathy. They don't give a damn about the character - probably none of them have even read the books. Certainly Cruise hasn't or he wouldn't go ahead with this travesty.

    But maybe in his own mind he's 6'5" and more. Ha! Certainly his ego is big enough.

  10. Moronic. But then it was a Hollywood decision, wasn't it?

  11. Prashant: I believe that Lee Child doesn't have any say in the casting decision. He may have sold all the rights for a very hefty sum.

    But he has to be squirming or maybe he's just thinking of the money to be made. I'm assuming he has a percentage of something or other.

    Lee is an extremely intelligent, up front kind of guy (with the sweetest British accent you could ever hope to hear) and he certainly writes terrific books, so I don't begrudge him trying to get the best money for his product, but....jeez.

  12. John, I can't tell you how the Reacher community reacted when they first heard. Talk about aghast, agape and agog.

    But if you've never read the Reacher books I guess it won't matter.

    I have a lot of reading hours invested in Reacher and I will continue to read the books, but in a way, this casting decision is a kind of betrayal of those of us who love Lee's books.

  13. I've read all the Jack Reacher books, I've met Lee Child and I'm not that upset. Looking forward to the movie and we'll see I guess. Lee's website is how I started following you Yvette. I love your reviews and love, love, love your blog! Mary

  14. Thanks so much, Mary! :)

    Honestly I don't know why I'm so upset about it. It's only a movie after all.

    Maybe I'm too emotionally attached to Reacher. Ha!

  15. I put Cruise into the same category as Nicolas Cage .... DISLIKE!

    I guess the producers wanted big money actors and are disregarding casting Reader as they should. Time will tell if their gamble pays off!

  16. And of course I meant "Reacher" not "Reader" ...I need more coffee!

  17. The only movie in which I can actually tolerate Nick Cage is MOONSTRUCK (1987) with Cher.

    Otherwise I'm with you, Pat.
    We knew you meant 'Reacher' :)

  18. You said it! Tom Cruise's ego is 10 feet tall, at least!

    Maybe the thought was that he did well in Grisham's The Firm so he'd be good here.

    The Reacher community! Now that made me laugh at the possibilities. (Is it people who are always reaching for things? People named "Reacher"? People who live in a town named "Reacher"? Or people who are always reading Lee Child's books?)
    The mind reels.

    Casting is often crazy, based on popularity of actors and how much money they can bring in to the studios, not based on the character, the feel of the books, none of that.

    If I spent hours thinking about this, it would be maddening.

    I'm with you on Nicholas Cage; loved him and everyone else in Moonstruck. His other movies, not so much.

  19. We're in agreement, Kathy. Casting in Hollywood is SO flukey.

    Ha! The Reacher Creatures - that's us.


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