Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday Salon: A Celebration of Painted Women

Hungarian painter Imre Goth (1893 - 1982) 

American painter Polly Thayer (1904 - 2006) Self-portrait 

Russian/American painter Isaac Soyer (1902 - 1981) 'Rebecca' 1940 - via

American painter Guy Pene Du Bois (1884 - 1958) - via

American painter Moses Soyer (1899 - 1974) - via

British painter Anna Zinkeisen (1901 - 1976) via

Spanish painter Jose Cruz Herrera (1890 - 1972)  'Marocaine' via

 American painter Carl Schmitt (1889 - 1989) Portrait of Helen Hart Hurlbut via

British painter Dod Proctor (1892 - 1972) via

French painter Francois Flameng (1856 - 1923) Portrait of Mrs. Adeline M. Noble - via

Contemporary American painter Beth Carver - via

Contemporary American painter Mark Dalessio - via

Contemporary Chinese painter Liu Ye - via

Scottish painter John Duncan Fergusson (1874 - 1961) - via

Polish/American painter/illustrator W.T. Benda - via

A small celebration of  women in paint and/or pastel as the whole thrilling idea of Hillary Clinton as our first viable American woman Presidential candidate sinks in. All sorts of women by all sorts of artists in all sorts of styles.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Prashant. These are some of my favorites.

  2. Replies
    1. Me too, Richard. I think that's one of her best.

  3. Always nice to come here and see the art displayed.
    I particularly like the Guy Pene Du Bois, the Moses Soyer and the Beth Carver.
    And, there is the Harriet Tubman series by Jacob Lawrence. Also, Romare Beardon's Mecklenburg County Morning.

    1. The Soyers were a Russian/American family of painters. All just wonderful artists.

  4. Dear yvette, Thank you, Thank you. This is such a treat, all the Artist's are wonderful. I LOVE LOVE Zinkersen and Francois Flameng,
    GOD was touching their hand. DuBois has such style and Beth Carter has reality
    looks like a Maine beach. yvonne

    1. You're very welcome, Yvonne. :) Love to share art with my friends.


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