Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday Salon: Stillness

Jennifer Diehl, contemporary painter - via

Eric De Vree, contemporary painter - via

Olga Antonova, contemporary painter - via

Joseph Stella, Italian/American painter (1877 - 1946) - via

Jopie Huisman, Dutch painter (1922 - 2000) - via

Julian Merrow Smith, contemporary painter - via

Conor Walton, contemporary painter - via

Jeffrey T. Larson, contemporary painter - via

Scott Conary, contemporary painter - via

Boyd Gavin, contemporary painter - via

Judith Pond Kudlow, contemporary painter - via

Alexei Antonov, contemporary Russian/American painter - via

There's just something about a good still life painting that is very calming. Perhaps It is the focused, mesmerizing attention paid to an object (s) - the grandeur of the familiar. Different from a camera's focus (in my view) in that a still life painting is an interpretation while a photo is an appropriation.

It has been a terrible and frenetic week in this country, so this post is just a wee effort on my part to instill a bit of calm into the mix. Look at art. Take a moment or two to breathe.


  1. I love your Sunday Salons Yvette and this one is the perfect way to take stock, calm down, and see the many simple but delightful things that are part of our daily life during these turbulent times.

    1. Thank you, Rosemary. Turbulent times, indeed. I needed a break myself.

  2. You're right. We all need a bit of stillness in an imploding or exploding world. I would love to have several of those paintings to help keep me centered.

    1. Me too, Joan. Me too. One of the things I find so interesting is that most of these paintings - I'll bet - are rather small in size. Their largeness, I think, is in their effect. Does that make sense?

    2. Yes, that makes sense to me. Unfortunately, the ones I like have all been sold.

    3. But it would be a good idea to keep track of these artists (at least the contemporary ones) - they do work all the time. Sometimes they have daily paintings on sale which are very reasonably priced.


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