Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ta-DAH! The Blog's All Fixed.

Andrew Loomis

And to think I didn't have to do a thing. So for now it's all right and tight and back to what passes for normal around here.


  1. what?! goes on inside that plastic case, i'd like to know... little electrons busy with their appointed tasks; who knows what they're REALLY up to...

  2. Yeveete

    Congratulations! I've had similar experiences here. Something goes wrong, I post for help and get nothing and a day or two later, the problem is solved.

    I once was told that I lost my blogging privileges because I had violated some rule. When I asked which rule, I heard nothing. A day or two later, all was back to normal. I'm glad they solved the problem, but I wish they had let me know what the problem --which rule I had violated-- was.

    Anyway all's well that ends well, for now anyway.

  3. Glad you fixed it. Last night I was thinking of painting a Gypsy with a gazing ball. you blew me away. yvonne I believe in ESP.


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