Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Salon: A Victorian Frame of Mind

Departure Platform at Victoria Station 

The Orphan

Going to Business

I'm just beginning the new book by Lynn Shepherd who wrote the fascinating mystery, MURDER AT MANSFIELD PARK, a re-telling of MANSFIELD PARK by Jane Austen with murder and mystery setting the Regency era on its ear. I loved it and recommend it highly.

This year's book is THE SOLITARY HOUSE, a mystery based on Charles Dickens' classic, BLEAK HOUSE. I've just begun it this morning and am very much expecting to be bowled over as I was with Shepherd's previous book. To learn about Lynn Shepherd and her writing, please use this link.

This is also my long-winded way of saying that I am now in Victorian mode, hence I am sharing three of my very favorite James Tissot paintings with you. I've written about the French artist Tissot before on this blog, but far as I'm concerned, you can't say enough or see enough of his work.

To learn about James Jacques Joseph Tissot (1836 - 1902), please use this link.


  1. I picked up The Solitary House at a bookstore recently and the first few pages were fantastic. I should have just purchased it! Putting it on the Goodreads reminder list!

  2. I got it from the library, Natalie. Along with a bunch of other new mysteries. Two of which disappointed me a bit, so no reviews.

    But I think I'm going to love THE SOLITARY HOUSE.

  3. This is exciting, both the paintings and the news of Lynn Shepherd's The Solidarity House. I had seen a few reviews of the book and was tempted to open its pages, but now it's going on the TBR Alps list, to be read soon, hopefully.

    Look forward to your review.

  4. Hi, Yvette - As always, I enjoy your choice of paintings. The Orphan calls to mind Britain's Queen Alexandra, who could very well have been the model for this painting . . .

  5. Patti, yes. Especially those in Europe.

  6. Well, Mark, in Victorian lit, there are always orphans needing attention. Most especially, of course, in Dickens.

    I thought the other two paintings also had a Dickensian feel to them.

    Yes, I agree that the woman in the painting looks like Queen Alexandria - Edward VII's wife? Right?

  7. Kathy: Did you read MURDER AT MANSFIELD PARK? Don't miss it. Lynn Shepherd is quite a reading find.

  8. I just stumbled across your wonderful blog! So glad I did!

  9. Hi Carol and welcome! I'm glad you found us.:)


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