Friday, December 23, 2011

A Good Morning Christmas Picture.

Art by beloved British illustrator Shirley Hughes.


  1. I have one of her Lucy and Tom books, and I used to just get lost in it when I'd read it to my children.

  2. Nan: I'm familiar with her work, but not so much the books. That's all going to change with my granddaughter - for sure.

    I'm going to do a post on Hughes in a couple of weeks. Her work is so special.

  3. She's my hero. What talent! I particularly love her suburban illustrations.

  4. Isn't she wonderful? Brilliant, really.

  5. Grey day,
    Dark at four,
    Hurry home,
    Shut the door.
    Think of a time
    When there will be
    On a tree,
    And hot mince pies,
    A bulging stocking,
    A Christmas surprise!

    As an adult, I discovered Shirley Hughes in "Out and About" and this photo and poem is one of my favourites. I read and re-read her words to my young son. Her illustrations and writing have opened up a new world for us here in Canada. Merry Christmas everyone!

    1. Very belatedly, I've just realized I never responded to your lovely comment, Jo-Anne. A thousand apologies. But at least, today, I've come across your comment (almost a year later) and all I can say is Thank You. This wonderfully energetic Hughes poem puts me in a Christmas mood and it's not even Halloween yet. Thank you again, Jo-Anne.


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