Tuesday, December 20, 2011

6 Dubious Christmas Movie Ideas

I read Keli Goff's hilarious post, WHY ARE THERE SO MANY BAD CHRISTMAS MOVIES? And wanted to share the experience. Laughing out loud at this time of year is highly recommended. I laughed while reading this and gave thanks I'd never seen (and never will see) any of the films mentioned.

Then I decided to add a few of my own Christmas 'no-no's' to the list. Yes, I'm willing to take the risk of being thought a grouchy old dame.(Ha!) Here are six dubious holiday movie ideas I would definitely avoid at Christmas.

1) Any Christmas movie with Jim Carrey in it. Period. He just doesn't get it and I don't get him.

2) Any Christmas movie that involves sugary romance re-discovered, re-lived or remembered. Since when did Christmas become date night? 2-A) Any Christmas movie where one of any two is dying of some mysterious disease.

3) Any Christmas movie with aliens from outer space. Am I the only one who sees no resonance in this?

4) Any Christmas movie with people doing drugs. I mean - huh?! No, I am just not that jaded yet and I hope I never will be.

5) Any Christmas movie that might star Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino or Jack Nicholson. So wrong, on so many levels.

6) Any Christmas movie that involves brave little orphans making do. Dickens already did.


  1. Agreed on all counts except that I do really love Never Say Goodbye, which violates rule 2. I think Errol Flynn and Eleanor Parker totally make up for it though. Plus, no dying.

  2. I never even heard of Never Say Goodbye.

    In principle, I agree with all of these taboos.

    I have become a humbug and don't even watch Christmas movies any more.

    I wish I could watch Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey throughout the holidays. She makes that series!
    I mean, "We can't have the Turkish ambassador assassinated -- can we"?

    I'll have to find some good movies that aren't sentimental or absurd. Maybe mysteries!

  3. I agree wholeheartedly, although I didn't mind "Scrooged," as I recall...

    The one I've never liked that's now a classic is "A Christmas Story." I like (most of) my Christmas movies with a bit of finesse, thank you very much!

  4. I agree on all six counts, though, I'd add Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn and Schwarzenegger to No.5. Give me Tim Allen, instead; he's acted in more than one Xmas film. I recently saw CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT (Barbara Stanwyck) and kinda liked it. A friend recommended JOYEUX NOEL. I haven't seen it yet but it looks interesting on IMDb.

  5. Lauren: I'd never heard of this movie...hmmmm. I thought I knew all of Errol Flynn's pix. I'll have to check around.

    But at least we agree on the rest.
    Ah, Christmas, how much bad art has been created in your name. :)

  6. Kathy: THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER is tailor made for you. Watch it!

    Also, CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT starring Barbara Stanwyck and Sidney Greenstreet and, if I'm not mistaken, Reggie Gardner as well.

  7. Eve: Is the one you dislike the one about the little blond kid wanting some sort of Red Ryder air rifle?

    People LOVE that movie - especially, I think, men.

    I've never seen the whole thing all the way through. Never could focus.

  8. Prashant: CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT is a sleeper. One of those movies that not too many people have heard about, but it's fun. I wrote about it on here some time ago. Last year around CHristmas, I'd say.

    When it comes to Christmas movies, give me the oldies. :)

  9. And what about all those Christmas slasher movies? Talk about debasing a holiday that is supposed to be all about love and family and generosity. You probably don't even know that such a monster exists: CHRISTMAS EVIL, SILENT NIGHT BLOODY NIGHT, BLACK CHRISTMAS, and there are more! But I'll stop.

  10. Well, that's what Keli was talking about on her post. Check out the link, John, you'll have a good laugh. I did.

  11. Aha! That'll teach me not to follow the links, eh? I think Keli needs to see CHRISTMAS EVIL and she'll definitely change her mind about the #1 spot for truly awful holiday movies. John Waters listed it as one of his favorite "alternative" Christmas movies so I watched it last year thinking it would be quirky and campy like Waters' movies. No way. Not funny at all. Just plain stupid with the kind of awful acting that only comes from bottom of the barrel, low budget movies.

  12. LOL I love this list. It's funny because I just commented on the other post about A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey, oops! LOL!

    I have to confess Home Alone is one of my favorite christmas movies, I don't know why but its one I always watch every year.

  13. John: Yes, that'll teach you. HA! But really here's the thing: If anyone I knew had actually watched any of the rampaging killer Santa movies, I'd cross them off my list. I mean, really.

  14. Jim Carrey is an acquired taste that I have never acquired.


    Oh well, to each his or her own. :)

    Thanks for dropping in, Bella. We welcome differeing opinions around here. Truly. :)

  15. I'll add Nicholas Cage to those I wouldn't want to see in a Christmas movie!

  16. I adore you! I couldn't agree more with all of these.

  17. Aw... shucks, Ryan. THANKS! You're a sweetie. :)


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