Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Front Porch Blooming

Before the heat totally fades them away, here are my flowers as they looked a few weeks ago when temperatures were more to their liking. Today they are looking straggly and beat, exhausted actually. No real point in showing them to you. They are whipped.

It's been one of THOSE summers. Perfect for reading in an air conditioned room, or by the pool, or in a shady glen by a lake, perhaps surrounded by bird chirps. Though come to think of it, a lot of the birds have already beaten a hasty retreat. It's too darn hot. Short walks are the norm. Worms lying on the sidewalk, utterly spent, look ghastly. I avoid stepping on them. Sometimes I'll gingerly pick one up and place it on the grass, but I don't know that they thank me for it.

When I was a kid we didn't have air conditioning. We were heartier stock then, I guess. Or maybe it was that we didn't KNOW about air conditioning, didn't know anyone who had one. So maybe they hadn't come into full use then. Maybe they hadn't even been invented. I grew up, as everyone knows, when dinosaurs roamed the earth. At least according to my daughter.


  1. My flowers are bedraggled as well. Mom had a knack for keeping the house cool. I try to do the same thing and had thermal lined curtains for years because of her. I'm jealous, your blog is much prettier than mine, classier. Just like in real life. =)

  2. Oh Jean, cut it out. (Though I thank you, m'dear, for the compliment.) You just started your blog. I've been at it for about two weeks longer - don't you think? I'm still fooling around with it. Plus let's not forget I have more free time than you do. You actually have a life. Ha!

    But I am thrilled that you like my blog.

  3. My flowers aren't looking so hot either! :(
    I just hope my tomato and pepper plants don't kick the bucket.

  4. They looked pretty healthy in that pix you sent the other day.


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