Saturday, July 24, 2010

His Rockiness

I couldn't go any further without posting a picture of the guy who shares my digs. His name is Rocky and I'm pretty sure he's pure chihuahua, though he is a bit on the large side - certainly not 'teacup'. My daughter calls him 'the sausage', but we scorn her criticism.

Rocky came from a home where he was being fostered, his original owners having washed their hands of him for whatever reason. (I suspect the reason, but never mind...)

He is a handful. I believe (and tell him often) he should sink to the ground everyday and thank the gods above that I found him and he found me and that by some miracle, I have the patience to deal with his eccentricities.

Who else would put up with him?
I can't imagine.

He is snarly, suspicious, occasionally snappy and a bit food aggressive
(but only when it comes to his treats - woe be onto you if you try to take one away from him) and still lunges at strangers in the street. I've never lived with a small dog before, it has been an education. All the dogs in my past were large and in many ways, easier to manage. Well, at least they didn't challenge every pit bull in the neighborhood to a duel as they pass by the house.

I'd never been bitten by a dog until Rocky - mostly in the beginning when I first adopted him about a year and a half ago. But my attitude is: hey, no body's perfect. And we don't really know what was done to him in his early formative years. (He was four when I got him.) He originally comes from Florida, I believe. Maybe the sun there fried his tender little puppy synapses.
Who knows?

Having said all that, he is at heart, an intelligent and affectionate dog. He is snugly, sweet (most of the time) and fastidious. He makes me laugh. I adore him. Yes, I truly do. I adore every suspicious little hair on his bony, bug-eyed head.

He smells good too.

"My little dog. A heartbeat at my feet." Edith Wharton


  1. Kudos for you, Yvette! He is a cutie. I know about the chihuahua mentality, having had one mix previously and now Killer, a Pom and LH chihuahua mix. I can attest to the testiness at times. Don't worry about the nicknames as my kids call him 'tatertot'.

  2. Chihuahua mentality. Ha! Yeah, he's got that. As for nicknames, I laugh. You know Jean, I did 'gotta' love him'. He made me. You know the song: You made me love you, I didn't wanna' do it, I didn't wanna' do it. Rocky must have written it.

  3. Rocky the sausage! Gotta love him!

  4. Hello Yvette,
    Little Rocky! How...was gonna say sweet, but you talked me out of it! How adorable! There, that works...

    I found your delightful blog on DCF, where I don't post as much as I used to. Had to comment on the dog post, being owned myself by a little white curly-haired dog; he was also abandoned by who knows how many people before we found each other at the Humane Society. I've bookmarked this, and know I'll be back often. I have a growing list of blogs, mostly about decor, so this will give me something of class to read...

    morrobay on dcf

    p.s., also love the Feed the Fish thingy, very cute.

  5. Hi Moggie, thanks for finding my blog. And thanks for the kind words. But I have to ask - what is DCF? I'm so new to all this I'm not familiar with initials yet. Yes, Rockie is adorable and everything else I said about him. He's a wonder, too. ;) All my dogs have always come from rescue, far as I'm concerned, it's the only way to go. I too love design blogs, I listed some on my Blog List.

  6. Oh, got it. Dave Cullen Forum. Where are my brains?? All I can say is I may have blogging fatigue. Ha. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  7. I'm owned by my neighbor's Dachshund, whom I love, including her eccentricities. She thinks she owns our floor and has run at people and dogs running down the stairs. Once she nipped a dog-owner, but that's the right person to nip. She ignored it.

    Rocky is adorable, and you're right. Who, human or canine, doesn't have imperfections and eccentricities?

    My neighbor's dog is the most interesting dog personality I know. Dachshunds are clever, can be aggressive and are affectionate. They also want to be petted and adored 24/7. She's great with children.

    I thought from reading your posts that you rescued a Scottie, too, talking of small dogs. He was a bit distant but really appreciated his home and owner.


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