Friday, July 30, 2010

Books in the Shower

In yesterday's blog post I mentioned my lack of a bookcase in the bathroom due to the moisture factor, well, thanks to a tip from Alison Morris in Publisher's Weekly, here's a way of having books surround you even in the shower. A book-y shower curtain. Kohl's sells it.

Not sure how I like the towels, though. Probably not. Too much of a good thing is, sometimes, just that.


  1. Ha! I like it!

    I've seen a similar thing, where the shower curtain is made up on one side of little transparent pockets so you could put in pictures or maybe even sheets of typescript (or loose pages of your favorite works?) - then your really would be able to read in the shower! ;-p

    (BTW, Y - you haven't automatically appeared on my list of followers....maybe it didn't work. You said something about the pic disappearing?)

  2. I'll try again. I am hopeless and hapless when it comes to computers. Please keep that in mind. Ha!

  3. You did? Oh let me know how you like it. What a great idea for a book-lover. ;)


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