Friday, July 30, 2010

Not Just For Reading

Check out these book sculptures by artist Mike Stilkey. Normally I don't believe in defacing books of any age, shape or form. But I guess if the books have already been read umpteen times and/or you have multiple copies or you are buying beat up old books in a box at some out of the way auction just for this purpose...I guess it's all right, if the results are this inventive and charming. What do you think?

Great for a wall where no bookcase will fit or how about above a short bookcase? One of these would look great above a bookcase filled with children's books. You could do a theme. One of the girl paintings over a bookcase filled with fashion/style/'chic' lit type books. Or one of the more sinister ones over a mystery bookcase. I'm liking it.


  1. Hi yvette,

    I made it into your blog and followed your directions from the FOrum.

    Somehow you and Rocky sound like apair: snarly, suspicious, affectionate. LOL Not that your're snarly, it just sounded cute to me.

    Love your shower curtain -- do you just lay back in the water and read off the titles on the books, or are they 'readible'

    Will comment more in the future.


  2. Hi Nikki!! So glad you found me. That's not my shower curtain, unfortunately, though it may well be one of these days. I'll have to take a look at it at Kohl's. :)
    Don't forget to drop by often.
    (Yes, Rocky and I are a pair. A pair of what I do not know. Ha!!


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