Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Salon: Happy Father's Day to all you Poppas out there.

Stephan Hansen - source

Sophie Blackwell - source

Bo Bartlett - source

Vicky Wade - source

Stephanie Frostad - source

Phobe Wahl - source

artist unknown

Susan Mitchell - source

Dame Laura Knight - source

Audrey Ang - source


  1. Happy Father's Day to your son-in-law and all the other dads in your life, Yvette! All the pictures were wonderful, but somehow the one with the fox especially endeared itself to me. I hope Tyler is having a wonderful day with his papa! :-D

    P.S.: Feel free to take a peek at our family's Father's Day photos on Facebook at "Dorian Kathleen Tenore-Bartilucci," if you like! :-)

  2. A beautiful tribute to fathers. I loved this.

    Hope your week is special

    Helen xx

  3. Thanks, Dorian. Loved your photos. I need to scan some of my old photos and I keep meaning to do it but....This year for sure.

  4. Thanks, Helen. Glad you enjoyed the post. I love looking for special paintings.

  5. Thank you. My favorite image was the 7th. Loved it.

  6. You're welcome, Ryan. I love that one too, I wish I knew who the illustrator was.

  7. Many of these are wonderful. I love Susan Mitchell's drawing. It evokes so much feeling.


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