Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Salon: The Wearing of the Green

The Green Door by Barrie Maguire

The Way Home by Barrie McGuire

Susan Ogilvy

At the Waterfall in the Forest by Nicholas Hely Hutchinson

The Album by William McGregor Paxton

Lawren Harris

Rudd van Empel

Nicholas Hely Hutchinson

Lady with Parasol by Frederick Frieseke

Victor Nizovtsev

Barrie Maguire

I love the color green even when it isn't St. Patrick's Day. So it was my delight to concentrate on predominantly green paintings to celebrate the day. Happy St. Patrick's everyone.


  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    O, the wearin' of the green -- I must do that.

    Beautiful paintings by Hutchinson, others, whom I've never heard of, but it's a good day to learn of them.

    The greens are magnificent.

  2. A beleated Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! My favorite of these images is the oak leaf cluster by Susan Ogilvy (perhaps because my love of mandalas perceives this as a meditation piece), and the strong painting by Lawren Hurris. I'm going to be looking for more works by Harris.

  3. I meant to say "belated" of course. I try not to bleat!

  4. Thanks, Kathy. I like Hutchinson's work very much as well. I like all these artists. I'm easy that way. :)

  5. You'll find lots of gorgeous Lawren Harris paintings on line, Mark. Don't worry about your spelling, I figured it out. :)

  6. This is a beautiful post, Yvette! I love the color green. The last photo reminds me of where I now live although the sheep would have to be traded for deer. I really do love it here. It is vry different from NYC of course --no where in the world can match NYC, but the natural beauty of this state takes my breath away and the people here are for the most part very nice. It is such a plus living near my grandchildren--I am really enjoying them so much! I know you are looking forward to meeting your new grandchild very soon! :)

  7. Thanks, Pat. I love the color green too. My two most favorite colors are green and red. (It's easy to celebrate Christmas around here.)

    I'm truly happy that you're enjoying your new home. I admit I was worried for a bit. I know how long it took me to acclimate to New Jersey - and that's just moving across the river. (I grew up in Manhattan.)

    But I think you're a more upbeat kind of person and that helps. :)

  8. Yvette, I loved these pictures and their many styles! Sorry it took me longer than usual to catch up with the painting, but we were celebrating with our beloved Delaware cousins this past weekend! Thanks for sharing these beautiful, striking portraits!

  9. You're welcome, Dorian. Glad you enjoyed them. Art is to be shared and I love doing it.


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