Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving cover illustration by one of my very favorite guys from the past, Constantin Alajalov.


  1. And now a cover might show everyone looking at a screen but it would be their own personal one! It just shows that we've always been lured by screens.

  2. Have a great day Yvette (or rather, hope you had a great day)

  3. Happy Holidays, I love the front page art on the New Yorker.
    I am just gettin over Paris and this morning they say, Calif. has been hit.
    You can not fight a war if the enemy is hiding, dressed as women and children.
    We need a leader to attack all of them. Unfair yes, but they set the rules.

    1. Yeah, grim news. I'm still shuddering. Horrible week.
      And yet, I'm wishing you a Happy Holiday anyway.
      Remaining hopeful.


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