Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Salon: The Children's Hour

Ana-Maria 1893 by Carl Larsson (1853 - 1919)

Portrait of Boy in Sailor Suit by James Jebusa Shannon (1862 - 1923)

Gamine by Bernard Fleetwood-Walker (1893 - 1965)

Edouard Joseph Dantan (1848 - 1897)

Jean-Baptiste Perronneau (1715 - 1783)

Mimosa 1899 by William Bouguereau (1825 - 1905)

Portrait of Johnnie Patton by Robert Henri (1865 - 1929)

Carl Larsson (1853 - 1919)

Catherine of Aragon - age 11 - by Juan de Flandes (1460 - 1519 (?)

John Singer Sargent (1856 - 1925)

We posted 10 paintings we especially liked of men then of women and now this week, it's the children's turn. These are all paintings I'd love to own but posting them on my blog is almost the next best thing. Almost.

Of course I could add another twenty or so or maybe more, but let's keep things manageable.

Not a painting, but still, I had to show this exquisite head by sculptor Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne (1704 - 1778)


  1. A beautiful selection, and I'm glad you included the last photo of that sculpture. (I've always thought it was so neat the way those eyes were incised to look so real and reflective.).

  2. Thanks, Mark. These art post are so much fun. Well, at least, MY idea of fun. :)


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