Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Painting Tuesday

My yearly ritual: posting a Christmas themed illustration or painting daily until Christmas day.

Today's painting is a wonderful evocation of Christmas in the city by illustrator John Gannam, 1948. This is the way I always remember Christmas, growing up in New York. Those big clunky taxi cabs really make me misty. New York crowds always seemed so cheerful - at least in memory. 


  1. I love this sort of painting and I am sad it is no longer in style. If a painting tells a story-so much the better.

  2. Hi, Yvette - I know the format isn't correct, but it reminds me of a Saturday Evening Post cover.

  3. Mark, I think this was probably a magazine illustration but I couldn't find any info on which one. Gannam (1907 -1965) was a popular and very busy illustrator.

  4. I have this glorified idea of Christmas in NYC, paintings like this only confirm it.

  5. Ryan, I glorify Christmas in New York because really, it was - is - very special. The city which is magical to begin with, becomes even more magical.

    I love the vintage illustrators and their interpretations.


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