Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Painting by N.C. Wyeth

Remember the men and women whose sacrifices made and continue to make it possible for us to live in a free society.

"If you don't know history then you don't know anything. You are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree."   Michael Crichton


  1. Dear Yvette,

    Have you ever seen an N. C. Wyeth painting in person? Years ago I went to a museum in Brandywine that featured the Wyeth family and other greats, like Howard Pyle and Maxfield Parrish. And it was so exciting to see N. C. Wyeth canvases in person — first of all they're HUGE. The compositions, the vivid colors, the historic details, the paint strokes — they're all very exciting and inspiring. Your posting brought it all back for me!

    Have an enjoyable holiday weekend!


  2. That's an excellent quote by Crichton, one I hadn't read before. Fortunately, I know what Memorial Day though it'd help to know more about it. Thank, Yvette.

  3. NC Wyeth was the best of the Wyeth's,
    in my opinion. Well the weather in Maine has had a week of rain and cold, can't believe it's almost Memorial Day. I have my flag up, even in the cold Raw day.
    Thanks for the comment Yvette.
    Have a good Holiday.

  4. Memorial Day is an odd holiday. It should be somber and reflective, but it's become just another day at the beach. Thanks for reminding us about who and what we should be remembering and thanking.

    Forty years ago, I worked across from what was then the First National Bank Building at 100 Federal Street in Boston. They had two (if I remember correctly) HUGE NC Wyeths in the lobby. I loved walking through there and standing entranced by their magnificence. I hope they're still there.

  5. Oh how I envy you, Mark. I've never seen any of Wyeth's work in person. I can just imagine their vitality.

  6. Yes, I love that quote, Prashant. It's so true. You're welcome.

  7. Thanks, Yvonne. We had a week of cold and rain as well. Yesterday I had to turn on the heat for a few hours! Unbelievable.

    But today at least we had some sun.

    I love N.C. Wyeth's work best too. Though Jamie Wyeth has done some wonderful things too.

  8. Oh Joan, as I said to Mark: I'm envious that you got a chance to see N.C. Wyeth's work in real life.

    I agree with you about Memorial Day, but also Veteran's Day, I think.

  9. If you haven't been there, you might want to plan a trip to the Delaware Art Museum in Wilmington. I believe you're in New Jersey, so maybe it wouldn't be too far. They have tons of Howard Pyle, as well as N.C. Wyeth and John Sloan. I'm sure you'd love it. It's a wonderful small museum.

  10. Joan, that sounds like a possibility. Thanks for letting me know. Wow, to see not only Wyeth, but Howard Pyle and John Sloane. Heaven. :)

  11. Thank you for posting this, Yvette - a beautiful and powerful illustration from a very talented artist.

  12. You're welcome, Les. I hope you had a good weekend.


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